Srimanta Mitra | Author, Musician, Psychologist, and UX Designer
such riddle!! / much wow!!

Welcome to the Playground of Riddles!

Thanks for coming! Cheers, friend! 🥂️  

Here are the riddles,
   equally a part of my story

as yours -
   now they entwine.

        1. If success you wish to see       
                you only need to find the key

        2. You know one side       
           you know the other   
            It puts your brain        
           in a spot of bother

        3. “And now these three remain: 
                hope, faith, and love  
           But the greatest of these is—”

(the secret page will be found
whence poetry has run aground)

How to solve them?

  • The first has many answers, while
    2 and 3 have one answer each

  • Simply type in your nav bar: ︎︎︎ enter your answer in place of the x!

All the best!

P.S Solving one riddle is
as good as solving all three